About Us

There are thousands of WordPress themes in the market and everyday, new ones are being developed. Faced with the flood of WP themes, it becomes extremely hard to spot the quality ones. This is when we thought, Hey, why not create a site reviewing WP themes and grade theme based upon the score they receive?. To cut things short, after months of conceptualization and implementation, ThemeGrade was finally launched in September 2009!

We don’t stop innovating new ideas to make theme selection easier for the users. Beginning with individual theme reviews and ratings, we now extend the grading for the theme providers.

To sum it up, ThemeGrade is a site that provides:
• The most comprehensive review of WordPress themes in the general and SEO category.
• Grading of the individual themes with quality themes being awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking.
• Easy search function that allows you to quickly find your ideal themes (try it in the sidebar to your right).
• Top 10 rating of theme providers in the functionality and usability, graphic design, coding and overall best category.
• Detailed editor reviews of over 40 WordPress theme providers.
• Grading of theme providers based on the users scoring and feedback.

What do you think of all these features found in ThemeGrade? If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d like to hear from you. Also, we get a LOT of great user generated feedback through the comments on our provider reviews with many of the theme shop owners actively monitoring and responding to comments. Make sure your voice is heard (please just be respectful even if you are complaining…nobody likes that guy).

Welcome to ThemeGrade!