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Gorrila Themes Overview

Gorilla Themes is a maker of WordPress Themes.

Theme Functionaility

Gorrilathemes: Theme Functionaility - 8 out of 10
The themes developed by Gorilla Themes are user-friendly and easy to manage. All themes are professionally designed and they are compliant to the most recent version of WordPress platform. One of its unique features is that their themes avoid custom fields since they sincerely believe that such feature is confusing, making things complicated for its users.

Themes created by Gorilla Themes are fully equipped with extensive theme options that allow users to easily design the site according to their own planned layout. Aside from that, custom plugins are available where users can easily add features that further optimize the site.

Theme Graphics

Gorrilathemes: Theme Graphics - 8 out of 10
Graphics of most of the themes created by Gorilla Themes are exceptional. Some themes have awesome animation as well as graphical effects that blend well with the backdrop of the theme. Color combination is good, with color variations to create accent. Fonts used match the topic of the theme and some were creatively done to emphasize the title.

Another unique feature of their themes is language translation. Most of their themes have been translated to Portuguese and Spanish.

As of September 2013, Gorillathemes offers 25 unique themes. Each of them is highly targeted to specific niche. Some themes have bare designs to emphasize the content of the site, while others are filled with awesome graphics and animation.

Example Themes developed by Gorilla Themes:

Theme Pricing

Gorrilathemes: Theme Pricing - 6 out of 10
Gorilla Themes have two main packages to offer: the Basic and the Developers Package. The Basic Package simply means single theme purchase with support access, customization and tutorials on a single website. The price of the Basic Package is $79.95, which is still affordable but it already belongs to the upper limit of the standard price range of $60 to $80. However, as of July 2010, they are offering 50% discount, making the cost reduced to around $40 per theme.

The Developers Package has more benefits and this is intended for developers. You’ll get plenty of support and assistance when it comes to tutorials and customization on numerous websites. Developers Package is pegged at a regular price of $179.95 but discount coupons are available which may vary from $10 to $80 off. As of July 2010, the discount offered is $80. Hence the net price for Developers Package with discount is only $99.95 which is a good bargain compared to the Developers Package of Prothemedesign at $169 standard price without any discount being offered.

Theme Support

Gorrilathemes: Theme Support - 7 out of 10
Theme support provided by Gorilla Themes for its customers are coursed through their support forum. While some providers only offer basic support without much documentation, Gorilla Themes offers basic support with simple customization. You can also find extensive theme tutorials in the forum.


Themes offered by Gorilla Themes are expertly made with some excellent animation and graphical effects. They are recommended for those who want attractive websites with cool background. Most of the themes are user friendly and the layout is simple, getting away with complicated features.

Theme License

100% GPL for CSS, XHTML, PHP, design and any other elements.

GorillaThemes Review, 4.4 out of 10 based on 78 ratings

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Theme Functionality
Theme Graphics
Theme Pricing
Theme Support

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