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Templatic Overview

Think out of the box when it comes to WordPress themes and what you get is Templatic. This company was officially launched last December 10, 2009 but they had been in the business since March 2008 under the name Premium Themes. They later on changed their name to Templatic in 2009 because of the need to create an accurate branding for what they offer.

Templatic is based in Surat, India and is composed of 5 people with R. Bhavesh as their founder and administrator. Starting out with only 25 themes, Templatic continued to grow steadily and now have a wide array of awesome WordPress themes ranging from simple blogging themes to complete business and e-commerce integrated themes, making it possible to use WordPress as CMS and customize it to your needs with ease.

Theme Functionaility

Templatic: Theme Functionaility - 5 out of 10
Templatic offers themes for every niche plus they make it a point to release at least 2 new themes every month. What’s great about their themes is that all are built ready for advertising and other forms of website monetization. This is made possible through the theme control panel that comes with every WordPress theme that they release.

Another come-on in the functionality of the themes from Templatic is that each and every theme that they release is professionally designed and is specially coded to get you the most needed search engine exposure. This means that using their themes ensures more potential traffic to your website SEO-wise. This is good news for many small businesses who want to create a brand online.

However, it may look like their themes have every possible functionality, it is to our dismay that some of the functions doesn’t even work or work poorly. Their coding is hard to follow, let alone customization. If you want themes with sophisticate coding, we highly recommend Studiopress or Woothemes instead, to name a few.

Theme Graphics

Templatic: Theme Graphics - 7 out of 10
With regards to graphics, after seeing the eye-catching and funky designs of Wozby, I find the graphics of Templatic a little bit on the dull side but then again their themes are focused on professional design. It may look a little plain but with their classic look you can never go wrong whether you cater to the young generation or the older ones.

Theme Pricing

Templatic: Theme Pricing - 6 out of 10
For a club membership of $299 a year, you get to enjoy the benefits of using unlimited theme licenses. You also get to enjoy unlimited access to all the WordPress themes that Templatic offers as well as access to all the themes and updates that would be released during the duration of your membership. And on top of these, you are given access to the members’ only support forum.

Primothemes is actually cheaper with its $175 Premium Membership fee which allows you to download all the themes that they offer with unlimited licenses. However, with Primothemes you have to pay $25 extra per month to activate the premium membership while the $299 with Templatic already applies the whole year round. In the end, if you do the math, Templatic is cheaper when it comes to yearly membership.

Their single license theme starts at $65. Wobzy is cheaper as they only offer $50 per theme and Studiopress offers $59.95 per theme but here’s the catch: if you are able to catch the buy one theme get two free themes then you will definitely save a lot. This is an even better deal than the buy-one, take-one theme of Primothemes at $75.

Theme Support

Templatic: Theme Support - 4 out of 10
Studiopress and Primothemes support their customers via forums while Wozby encourages their customers to communicate with them through the email form found on their website.

Their support guys are not trained in addressing your theme issues. Sometimes it takes days to reply a simple question. For enquiries that touch on the theme structure and coding, it may never get resolved as they find it too troublesome to fix them.

Theme License

Single License: this license allows you to use a theme on a single website.

Multiple License: this license allows you to use a theme on multiple websites.

Club membership: this license allows you to use all Templatic‘s themes on multiple websites.

Templatic Review, 6.4 out of 10 based on 234 ratings

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