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ElegantThemes Overview

2023 EditionElegantThemes is owned by Nick Roach, an expert WordPress premium theme developer who has created all of the themes found on His first attempt in designing a website started from the tender age of thirteen when his 7th grade band required a website. He laughs at the first “site” he came up with, but more importantly – the passion for web design had been instilled.

Fast forward to today and Nick’s works are simple, clean, and elegant with a touch of style and originality. He is fully dedicated to creating innovative designs, and as of 23 he has over 80 themes and plugins, although he is best known for the popular Divi Theme

We invite you to go behind the scenes at Elegant Themes to learn just why over 800,000 customers trust Elegant Themes as the goto place for premium WordPress themes. From their humble beginnings, Elegant Themes has kept their focus on over-delivering to their customers, and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Be sure to read our entire Elegant Themes Review: 2023 Edition – then check out our nearly 100 user comments and ratings below (and join the conversation by leaving your own comment and rating for Elegant Themes).

Trip Down Memory Lane

In the modern internet it’s hard to see the where everything started. Well, today’s your lucky day! One of the earliest features within all of the Elegant Themes themes was something called ePanel (pictured below). This was the precursor to Theme Options.

ePanel Options Panel
ePanel WordPress Options Panel from Elegant Themes

Each theme is fully equipped with a widget-ready sidebar, custom thumbnail images, search bar, and is gravatar ready in addition to many other features. In 2012, Nick also went back to many of his more popular themes and made them fully responsive. To date, there are nearly a dozen themes in the Elegant Themes club that are responsive with virtually all new themes falling in this category as well. In addition, a few special features included in each theme are three level dropdown menus, automatic resizing of images, and a slider for the most recent posts (if desired).

These are some of the reasons why Elegant Themes is ranked in the Top 10 under the Theme Functionality and Usability category.

Theme Graphics

Elegant Themes is perhaps best known for their high resolution graphics and variable color schemes. The themes are generally colourful with excellent contrast and they are not too distracting to the viewers when browsing your site’s content.

The background offers relaxing effects to make viewers more comfortable, and the well thought out navigation encourages many page visits. The header, which is one of the most important parts of the website, is generally stylish with bold titles and unique font combinations to attract viewers.

Even better, you have full control over colors by using some of the built in options, or for the more adventurous, diving into the code to achieve the perfect palette. Elegant Themes does a great job balancing high-end design with a high degree of customizability so as to make each theme your own based on the project’s needs.

As of March, 2015, ElegantThemes offers 80+ different expertly-made themes to choose from.

Among all the premium WordPress themes in the market, we think ElegantThemes has the most beautifully designed collection of themes and we are happy to present the Top award to ElegantThemes under the Theme Graphic Design category.

Example Themes developed by Elegant Themes:

Theme Pricing

Compared to most of the top premium WordPress theme providers like StudioPress, ElegantThemes offers the most economical prices on the market today. For $69, you will get access to all themes plus updates, support, and future releases for one year. For $89, you have access to all themes, plus all plugins, plus updates, support, and future releases for one year. And in early 2013, Nick offered a very reasonably priced lifetime option for the one time cost of $249 that includes all themes, all plugins, plus all future themes and plugins, support, and updates without any further charges.

With that said, for just $89, you can get ALL of the themes developed by ElegantThemes until your membership expires — in this case 80 themes and future releases. No where else in WordPress can you get so many premium themes for such a low price.

Theme Support

If you encounter any problems during the installation process you can always contact their customer support for assistance. Support is handled through the support forum where you can post your queries and questions. The forum is generally user-friendly and it is categorized according to the type of themes so that when you have questions or need assistance on a particular theme it is easier for you to follow up. To date, Nick employes over 30 people in his support forums who are there to assist members with all technical issues related to their themes and plugins.


Considering the awesome quality of most themes as well as their unbeatable price, the overall rating for this premium WordPress theme provider is excellent and highly recommended for both personal and business sites. Their package is the best for those who have multiple sites since you have plenty of unique professionally made themes to choose from.

For those who are planning to use their themes for their clients’ websites, Elegant Themes is also recommended due to the fact that you can use these themes on an unlimited number of personal or client sites plus have such a large selection at your disposal.

Having reviewed more than 40 WordPress theme providers, we have found that Elegant Themes is a great choice!

Theme License

Split-GPL license
. GPL for PHP, XHTML and JS files
. non-GPL for CSS and theme images

ThemeGrade Visitors Rating of Elegant Themes

ElegantThemes Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 171 ratings

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