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Designer: Cssjockey
Theme version: 2.3.1

The Imagination is a free wordpress theme available at It has been designed by Cssjockey and is available for download in the current 2.3.1 version. The theme comes with loads of cool features, an attractive layout and is easy to install.

The Imagination theme has been extensively tested at on the basis of its Search Engine Optimization capacity and also on the basis of a general test. The theme scores great marks with a total overall score of 65% and wins a bronze medal because of the large range of its useful features.

The Imagination theme is compatible with all popular browsers like IE7, Firefox and Chrome. It is W3C-CSS compatible which makes it easy for search engines to rank the page. The Imagination comes with designer support. This is very useful for people who are having any problems with installations or customizations with the Imagination theme.

The Imagination theme comes with a great number of unique features. It is easy to install and use, and no programming knowledge is required. It is plug and play. The Imagination theme also comes with 9 preloaded color schemes and styles. The layout of the theme is very attractive, and the large variety of colors that can be used just increase its appeal. The interface is customizable, and so a certain webpage can be made different and unique from any other webpage which uses the same theme. The Imagination theme also comes with the popular widgets feature with built in Twitter, Flickr and Entrecard widgets. The Imagination theme is most suited for personal Blogs because of the unique layout it offers. The main drawbacks of this theme are that it does not support floating content or auto adjustment in the post area. Also it is not XHTML compatible. So, it receives a percentage score of 69% in the general test.

The Imagination theme is quite search engine friendly. It supports Content Code Position and Post and Page Title tags. Search Engines can easily rank this page because of this. It receives a percentage score of 58% in the search engine optimization category. It does not support Home Page Heading and Post and Page Heading SEO, which is not a very large drawback on the whole.

The theme is aptly titled Imagination because a user can apply his or her imagination to make a great page. Because of the great customization options, a user can change almost everything on this theme. The basic configuration, background settings, header settings, post settings, sidebar settings, comments settings, and footer settings are all up for customization. Using Imagination is a great experience for all.

General Test of Imagination

  General Test Item Pts Pass Fail
1W3C Compliant - HTML2 
2W3C Compliant - CSS2 
3Browser Compatibility - IE71 
4Browser Compatibility - Firefox2 
5Browser Compatibility - Chrome1 
6Support from Designer2 
7Post area - Proper Image Alignment1 
8Post area - Floating Content1 
9Post area - Auto Adjustment1 
10Post area - Nested/Threaded Comments1 
11Sidebar - Auto Adjustment1 
12Sidebar - Link Hierarchy1 
  Totals 16 11 5
  Theme Score     69%

SEO Test of Imagination

  SEO Test Item Pts Pass Fail
1W3C Compliant - HTML1 
2W3C Compliant - CSS1 
3Home page Heading SEO1 
4Post & Page Heading SEO1 
5Post & Page Title Tag (Title as seen in SERPs)1 
6Content Code Position2 
  Totals 7 4 3
  Theme Score     58%

For the details of each of the tested criteria above, click here

Tested on: Wordpress ver 2.9.1
Preview on: Wordpress ver (Strict Test)
Why are there 2 Wordpress vers?

Theme Score


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