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Modthemes Overview

Modthemes is one of the several providers of premium WordPress themes that are beautifully built for the present release of WordPress blogging platform. If you are harbouring some thoughts on purchasing one of the premium WordPress themes then this review should be useful for you in your selection process to assess if Modthemes can provide you with just the right themes that are best suited for your websites.

First of all, one of the first few vital factors that you must consider when choosing for the right provider of website themes is to evaluate the whole company especially the people behind the services. Modthemes is being managed and founded by its Chief Executive
Officer Bryan Hauer. Bryan is well experienced in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. He loves to design websites and blogs. But in his biography he never mentioned about his credentials and competencies on this aspect.

Update: ModThemes has just been acquired by Studiopress in July 2010!

Modthemes’ management team, will become part of Studiopress’ team, with Bryan Hauer becoming the Affiliate Program Manager and Roderick Sauskojus joining the Featured Designers group.

Theme Functionality

Each theme has exceptional usability because they are generally user friendly with easy to follow codes with backend options page where you can easily select your desired web layout and other features even if you have no prior knowledge on HTML.

Additionally, you can also modify the theme according to your preferences even if you are not an expert in CSS and HTML. That makes their themes unique. Modthemes WordPress themes can be customized without restrictions, allowing you to have unlimited use of the purchased themes on several websites owned by you or for your clients.

Each theme is integrated with social media buttons for easy placement of your desired social networking sites and they are also integrated with advertisement buttons to optimize monetization of the site.

Theme Graphics

Bryan has a Lead Visual Designer partner, Roderick Sauskojus who heads a team of competent graphic designers responsible in creating expertly designed WordPress themes that are made with high resolution pictures. However, their design sense is not as good as the designers of Templatelite, Elegantthemes and Wobzy, to name a few.

Themes developed by Modthemes

Theme Pricing– base on July 2010 data

The price of each theme at Modthemes is $70. This falls above the average price of most premium WordPress themes offered by various providers. No deals are offered if you purchase more than one themes except for the All Theme package of $250 where you can gain access of all themes offered by Modthemes including its future releases.

One major drawback of Modthemes is that they only have very limited selections of WordPress themes to choose from, offering only 5 themes to their clients as of July 2010.

Their offered themes are as follows; Breaking News Theme, Venture Theme, Social Eyes Theme, Lexicon Theme, and Spades Poker Theme. Hence, if you are planning to purchase their All Theme Package at $250 for all 5 themes, that would mean each theme is worth $50. This is quite expensive compared to other providers’ All-Theme package at about the same price but with more themes available, making each theme valued significantly lower than the standard price.

Theme Support

Good customer support is another important factor to consider when choosing the right WordPress theme provider for your blogs or websites. In the case of Modthemes, client support is offered through the support forum where several supportive members and Modthemes staff are there to help you out of your problems and issues.


The overall assessment of Modthemes is still positive and it is recommended as one of the best options to choose if you want high quality WordPress themes.

It is best for those who are planning to purchase only one theme. However, when it comes to purchasing the premium package where you can get all themes offered by the provider then this option may be quite expensive at this point because there are only few selections of themes to choose from.

Theme License

100% GPL for CSS, XHTML, PHP, design and any other elements.

Modthemes Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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Theme Functionality
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Theme Pricing
Theme Support

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