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OrganicThemes Overview

2013 Edition – Organic Themes is managed and founded by two top-notch design artists and WordPress Theme developers, Jeff Milone and David Morgan. Both are Florida-born graphic experts with years of experience in web design and WordPress Theme creation. Jeff was previously part of the web development team of Studiopress until he parted ways and partnered with David to form their own design company. David is a graduate of Computer Animation with expertise in CSS, HTML creation and web design. He is presently residing in Hawaii where he founded the Muku Studios, a design company established in 2007.

Theme Functionality

Organic Themes: Theme Functionality - 8 out of 10
All themes developed by Organic Themes are easily customizable that even people without web design skills and knowledge in HTML and CSS codes can create their own website based on their preferred design. The themes have options page that makes lay-outing the web easier to do, especially with added features like auto resizing images, widget ready sidebars and gravity form integration among many others.

All themes are compliant with the latest release of WordPress and one unique aspect to many of the themes released by Organic is that they go back and add new versions of themes so there may be version 1, 2, 3 etc of a certain theme. Additionally, the themes are properly coded for SEO using many of the best practices for on site layout. Moreover, the blog page templates typically allow you display your featured blog on your site. Photoshop design files are included in all themes.

Theme Graphics

Organic Themes: Theme Graphics - 7 out of 10
Theme graphics of OrganicThemes designs have high resolution and are excellent in quality. However, most of their themes do not have excellent graphical effects as they are mainly one-colored headers with various fonts. If you like or are looking for a more minimal design, Organic Themes is definitely a company to consider. The title fonts are perfect because they are bold and large enough to emphasize what the website is all about while their font style impeccably blends well with the title.

Organic Themes believes in beauty in simplicity as their themes adhere to the belief that less can be more with regards to web design. Consequently most of their themes are clean and elegant without having many features and graphical effects so that users and viewers are not overwhelmed by too many gadgets on the site.

There are about 20 different Themes created by Organic Themes, and they are consistently developing fresh and unique themes to meet the demands and needs of most users.

Example Themes developed by Organic Themes:

  • Response Theme by Organic Themes
  • Portfolio Theme by Organic Themes
  • Bold Theme by Organic Themes

Theme Pricing

Organic Themes: Theme Pricing - 7 out of 10
Each Theme created by Organic Themes costs $69. They also offer a Developer Package for $249 that includes all themes developed by Organic Themes, including future releases. Support is provided at both levels of membership.

At this price, the developer option is a good deal, however currently they only have 20 or so themes to offer, whereas a Theme shop like Elegant Themes has over 80 Themes starting at just $39. To be fair, Organic Themes is going after a little different market than Elegant Themes, however if price is a concern, there really is no better deal in WordPress than Elegant Themes.

Theme Support

Organic Themes: Theme Support - 7 out of 10
Customer support provided by Organic Themes is similar with most premium theme developers whereby assistance is given through the support forum. The forum is user friendly since you can easily find assistance based on the type of theme that you need support and help. Be sure to read through actual user comments below regarding things like support and customer experience with Organic.


Organic Themes are ideal and recommended for minimalists who like simple design. They are great for business and corporate sites as well as those who want to post photos and videos on their websites since their digital pictures and arts are fully emphasized by the simplicity of the theme.

In terms of pricing, they are a little more expensive than average, but the quality of their work speaks for itself, and they have a great reputation in the WordPress industry.

Theme License

Each theme you purchase can be used on an unlimited number of personal or client sites. More specifically their site states, Unlike many website template solutions, our GPL licensing permits the use of our themes on multiple domains without any additional charges, as long as the themes are not being re-sold.

ThemeGrade Visitors Rating of Organic Themes

OrganicThemes Review, 4.8 out of 10 based on 48 ratings

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