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Designer: Mynethome
Theme version: 3.0.0

The Suffusion theme is available for free download at The theme tested at is 3.0.0. A newer edition is available for download with the version 3.2.7. As the version tested here is 3.0.0, some of the test results are not correctly evaluated. The theme has been designed by Sayontan.

The Suffusion theme has received a bronze medal on the basis of its general score of 73% and SEO score of 58%. As the latest version of the theme is still to undergo proper testing, the score represented here is not accurate. But looking at all the user testimonials, the Suffusion theme is one of the best themes out there. Further tests are bound to reveal the fact that the Suffusion theme deserves a gold medal at

In the general test, the Suffusion theme scores heavily in all the essential areas. The latest version of the Suffusion theme is W3C compliant with both CSS and XHTML. It is compatible with IE7, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Designer support is included as well. The Post Area is also well supported with Floating Content, Auto Adjustment and Nested/Threaded Comments. The Sidebar includes Auto Adjustment and Link Hierarchy. Special Effects include an Options Page and Drop down Menu.

The SEO test says that the Suffusion theme is not W3C compliant. The designer begs to differ. The theme is Search Engine Optimized. It supports Content Code Position, Post and Page Title Tag and Home Page Heading SEO.

This theme comes with a large array of features. Some of the features it incorporates are custom widgets like Twitter, Follow Me, Google Translator, Featured Posts and Category Posts and it includes FeedBurner support. Widgets are available in 8 areas. Other features included are Automatic Thumbnails and Magazine Style. Multiple page layout options are available with 16 different color schemes. The color scheme includes colors like green, purple, and blue. All the colors are based on either a dark or a light background. 10 different templates are included. Header Customization is also supported. The format is one column, two columns and three columns fixed width. RTL language support and customizable excerpts are available. Forum support is also a great feature.

The Suffusion theme is easy to use. It does not require advanced programming language knowledge. It is very attractive. Overall, the Suffusion theme delivers a power packed package.

General Test of Suffusion

  General Test Item Pts Pass Fail
1W3C Compliant - HTML2 
2W3C Compliant - CSS2 
3Browser Compatibility - IE71 
4Browser Compatibility - Firefox2 
5Browser Compatibility - Chrome1 
6Support from Designer2 
7Post area - Proper Image Alignment1 
8Post area - Floating Content1 
9Post area - Auto Adjustment1 
10Post area - Nested/Threaded Comments1 
11Sidebar - Auto Adjustment1 
12Sidebar - Link Hierarchy1 
13 Special Effect: Options Page, Drop-down Menu 2  
  Totals 18 13 5
  Theme Score     73%

SEO Test of Suffusion

  SEO Test Item Pts Pass Fail
1W3C Compliant - HTML1 
2W3C Compliant - CSS1 
3Home page Heading SEO1 
4Post & Page Heading SEO1 
5Post & Page Title Tag (Title as seen in SERPs)1 
6Content Code Position2 
  Totals 7 4 3
  Theme Score     58%

For the details of each of the tested criteria above, click here

Tested on: Wordpress ver 2.9.1
Preview on: Wordpress ver (Strict Test)
Why are there 2 Wordpress vers?

Theme Score


Theme testing in such detail is a tedious process. We try our very best to present the most accurate information about the theme. We need your help: if you find a discrepancy in any of the items we tested above, please leave a comment below and tell us what is wrong. We'll look into it and make correction if it is our mistake. If you are a user of this theme, feel free to leave a comment and share with us your experience with the theme. Notice: Some of the links on ThemeGrade are affiliate links which means we may receive a commission if you click a link from here and ultimately purchase the product. These commissions allow us to keep ThemGrade free.

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