Home Page Heading SEO Test

Home page is usually where your most important keywords are located. To optimize your keywords, some of the theme coding should be in place.

One of the important factors for search engine ranking is the heading tag. In this test, we see if the home page is using proper heading tag.

How to test?
Step 1
Visit the url of the blog’s home page.

Step 2
View the source code of the home page.

Step 3
Check the heading tags base on the 3 conditions stated below.

Criteria of passing the test
Condition 1
Only one <h1> tag is used
The reason why only one <h1> tag is used is because having more than one <h1> tag will greatly dilute the weight of the keywords you want to target.

Condition 2
One of the text string should be using a <h1> tag and the <h1> tag should not be the post title.
The <h1> tag contains the most important keywords that you want to rank on the search engines for the home page. There are several location where you can add the <h1> tag such as the blog title, blog description or the title of a static featured content.

It is not advisable to add the <h1> tag to the dynamic title such as the post title because the keywords in the <h1> tag is the most important keywords that you want to target after going through careful keyword research so you want to keep it static.

Condition 3
The post titles should be using <h2> or <h3> tag.
Home page is the page most frequently spidered by the search engines. This is also where your newest post will get indexed. Normally, your post title contains important keywords and you want the search engines give higher weight to the keywords.


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