Post & Page Title Tag Test

By default, the title for your blog posts as seen in SERPs is “Blog title » Post Title”.

The code for the post/page title looks something like the following:
Blog Title » %%title%%

Since the post title contains important keywords, to get a better ranking, the post title should be placed before the blog title for two reasons:
1) Search engines put more weight on the early words.
2) People scanning SERPs see the early words first. If your keywords are at the start of your listing, your page is more likely to get clicked on.

How to test?
Step 1
Visit the url of the single post.

Step 2
View the source code of the single post.

Step 3
Check the position of the post title in the <title> tag base on the condition stated below.

Step 4
Repeat step 1-3 for the single page.

Criteria of passing the test
The title for the post/page should be placed at the start of the title tag.

<title>Blog title :: Post title</title>
Result: Fail

<title>Post title :: Blog title</title>
Result: Pass

<title>Post title</title>
Result: Pass


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