Support from Theme Designers

If a theme designer provide support for his theme, this item will get a “tick” icon.

To decide if the designer offer theme support, the designer website should have an interactive support page of the theme in the form of comment, forum etc.

We have no control over what types of support to be offered. For example, some designers only offer support for general issues such as theme installation. Some don’t offer theme customization. You have to check with the respective designers to find it out.

Themes with support will get 2 points.

For themes designed by, you can get the following support:
Top Priority – Functionality Issues
If you encounter functionality issues (eg. theme installation problem), we’ll look into that as first priority. You can post the problem in the comment section of the theme page.

Less Priority
For other issues, we’ll make your comments live and will address them whenever we have time. The solution is not guaranteed. I also hope that other users can help solve your issues while waiting for my reply.

As for plugin issues, we’ll only look into them if the plugins are widely used in the community.

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