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Theme-Junkie Overview

Theme-junkie is a newly opened premium WordPress theme provider in 2009. The company offers user-friendly, great looking, and efficient WordPress themes.

Like many other online WP theme providers in the likes of Graphpaperpress, Theme-junkie is also known to provide excellent support forums to all its clients. If there is a distinctive feature unique with the company, it is definitely their very affordable prices which is almost comparable to’s rate, and is great for users and developers who are looking to save up on their start-up blog site costs.

Theme-junkie’s themes are licensed under GPL. Their themes are proud to be in full compliance with W3C standards and all the licenses set forth by WordPress.

Although the company offers great support network, unfortunately, this is only limited to their paying customers and not for their free account holders.

Theme Functioniality

Theme-Junkie: Theme Functioniality - 9 out of 10
If you think that your current WP theme provider gives you excellent functionality, then it may be high time for you to rethink that with Theme-junkie.

Although the company may not compete with the likes of Elegantthemes when it comes to graphic sophistication, they definitely are not lacking in great functional features. In fact, they have some of the best functionalities that we believe are far better than other equally great WP theme providers.

Theme-Junkie, being relatively new to the industry, has one of the most advanced theme control panels. In here, you can auto resize your thumbnails for easier management, you can switch your preferred logo in text or image format, and you are able to easily post advertisements on your blog site with a fully widgeted sidebar function.

All of their WP themes are localization ready, has built-in FeedBurner support and an analytic stat manager where you can put threaded comments. On top of that, all of their WP themes are Gravatar ready, with customizable page templates and custom widgets.

Users and developers aren’t the only parties who will benefit from Theme-junkie’s great functionalities; your online visitors will do as well with their user-friendly drop-down menu navigation which is compatible with both WordPress 3.0 and Cross Browsers.

Last but definitely not the least is their excellent online support forum and a lifetime upgrade feature for all of their WP themes.

Theme Graphics

Theme-Junkie: Theme Graphics - 6 out of 10
Admittedly, Theme-junkie’s theme graphics aren’t as sophisticated as the graphics by other top WP theme providers like Woothemes, and there aren’t as many options to choose from as well. This is not to belittle the company as they competitively offer a total of thirteen different themes to choose from.

It is also important to note that being a new player in the industry, the company is sure to release more and better themes for their customers in the near future.

Their theme graphic entry starts with FashionPress which is their most basic and given to free account holders, though it is not the only one. Another free theme that they have is Channel, with slightly different graphic features compared to FashionPress. Their paid packages include Newswire, Gadget, FashionPro (an updated version of FashionPress), BigFoot, NewsTube, Freshlife, and their newest graphic theme entry, Weekly.

Theme Pricing

Theme-Junkie: Theme Pricing - 9 out of 10
Now tell me: which WP theme provider can offer their entire great theme packages, all for under $100? We guarantee you that no one can beat that kind of price scheme. If you wish to buy their themes individually, they come at $19.95 each; come on, with these kind of pricing, need we say more?

Theme Support

Theme-Junkie: Theme Support - 7 out of 10
Another unique and great feature of Theme-junkie is that they do not only provide WP theme support to all of their paying clients, they also provide other essential information that their customers may need in setting up their individual blog site/s even if it is not related to WP themes in particular, like web hosting, affiliate marketing, and other useful online information.

Theme-junkie great online support forum is hosted by their developers, Mayur and Radek (sorry, no last names). They have an online help support feature where customers can register and log in for help. They have an online board with limited information on theme customization and support for free account users, and a more specialized announcement board for their premium customers.

Theme-Junkie Review, 6.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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