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Themeshift Overview

Themeshift is owned and developed by a German web designer and WordPress expert, Simon Rimkus, who single-handedly manage the business. He takes care of the web layout and design of each WordPress theme and he is also the one who handles customer support for the clients.

Theme Functionaility

Themeshift: Theme Functionaility - 8 out of 10
Themeshift themes are well structured and excellently coded that offer ease of installation and use. One of its unique features, not offered by most WordPress theme providers, is the 3-language theme translation that allows you to translate content into English, German, or Spanish. Aside from that unique feature, the theme’s options page allows you to customize your site according to what color you prefer the site to have, as well as easy-to-use buttons to upload your company logo and pictures.

Moreover, Themeshift themes are equipped with useful features like multi-level dropdown menu, custom page templates, threaded comments, and search and comments form validation among many others. Some themes offer various color schemes, feature content slider that allows you to feature an important article and advanced widget areas just to name a few. All themes use CSS styles for WordPress page navigation plugins. These are all excellent features that make customizing your website easier to do.

Theme Graphics

Themeshift: Theme Graphics - 7 out of 10
Most Themeshift themes have monotone-color designs. For those who want simplicity in their website in order to give more emphasis on its content, Themeshift themes are among the best choice.

However, in terms of overall assessment on Themeshift themes, there are not much graphical effects. All of them are generally single-colored themes unlike Alohathemes which are generally multi-colored with lots of color accents. Nevertheless, theme graphics offered by Themeshift have high resolution and they are generally good.

The headers are very simple; in fact most of the themes have headers that fully blend with the background color with not much accent to the website. The fonts used are generally classic and unique. However, they are not bold and large enough to emphasize the main title of the website. Themeshift presently offers 18 different professional premium themes for you to select as of September 2013, plus one theme offered for free.

Example Themes developed by Themeshift:

Theme Pricing

Themeshift: Theme Pricing - 6 out of 10
Themeshift premium themes are priced in Euros and not in US dollars as in the case of most premium WordPress theme providers. Each theme costs 39 € per piece. This is quite affordable and more economical compared to the theme pricing of Press75 at $75 per theme and Modthemes at $70 per piece. However, unlike the aforesaid two competitors that offer premium packages, Themeshift do not have an all-in-one package that gives you access to all themes. This means that there is no bulk discount offer since the price is fixed regardless of the number of themes that you ordered.

Theme Support

Themeshift: Theme Support - 7 out of 10
Customer support offered by Themeshift for its customers is unique. Since you can post your questions using either one of the offered languages, you may ask questions in German, Spanish, and English. Support is given through the support forum, which is personally moderated by Simon. When Simon is out of town for some business and personal travels, support may be delayed.


Themeshift is ideal for Europeans who need support in either English, Spanish and German. It is also recommended for those who want a simple design for their website as well as those who want to purchase only one theme.

For those who have numerous websites, Themeshift is not ideal considering that the company have limited designs to choose from and they have no bulk discounts offered to make your theme purchase more affordable.

Theme License

100% GPL for CSS, XHTML, PHP, design and any other elements.

Themeshift Review, 6.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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Theme Functionality
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