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Differentiating Tags and Categories

Distinguishing between Category and Tag can sometimes get confusing for some bloggers especially those who are new to the blogging world. It’s actually a dilemma for some who are just starting out. However, with thorough understanding of WordPress Category and WordPress Tag, you will find that it is not so hard at all to learn when to use “Category” and when to use “Tag.”

In the past, Categories are used to group posts. However, since it resulted for a long list of Category inside a blog, Tags were made.

What is Category?

Category is actually categorizing your post according to what it generally discusses. Let’s say for example you are to write about a post entitled “A Visit to Mindanao”. Since we are talking about a visit to a certain place, we can categorize it as Travel. Consequently, your post is filed under the Category “Travel”. If a user happens to click on the “Travel” Category within your blog, all the posts under this Category shall be revealed.

What is a Tag?

A tag is actually a specific description of your post. It describes what your post is all about. Unlike the Category, Tag is more specific. And you can use as many Tags as you wish. To add more tags, you have to separate the keywords with a comma. In the example “A Visit to Mindanao” I can actually tag this with “Mindanao”, “Mindanao Travel”, or whatever you wish to describe this certain post. These Tags are useful when categorizing the posts.

Furthermore, Tags are beneficial as far as SEO is concerned. Through tagging, it increases your chance for your site to be found in the search engines.

Differentiating Tags and Categories

Tags add more descriptive details to your post and help in promoting your site through link popularity. Category is a unique classification of the posts within a site.

Keywords used for Tags are usually searchable keywords, while Categories are exceptionally created the way you think suit your site.

Tags are specific description of your post, while Categories are broad.

When to use Tags and When to Use Categories?

You use Category when you want your visitors to easily find post according to its class. Let’s go back to the use of Category from the preceding paragraphs. If I hit on the “Travel” Category I will be able to view all posts filed under this Category. In this way, it will be much easier for me to actually read on different articles that are of relevance to travel.

You use Tags if you want your blog to be searchable in the internet, you usually use a popular and specific tags that will help optimized your site. Through optimization, you can have a bigger chance of having a wider audience.

It’s actually uncomplicated once you really get to understand how the Tags and Categories can work for you.

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