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WooThemes Overview

The mind behind the making of WooThemes is Adii Rockstar (born Adriaan Pienaar), entrepreneur, designer and developer. Adii designs and develops his themes using CSS, PHP and WordPress. Adii loves to design because he loves the freedom of creativity offered by it,
whereas development appeals to his more logical and analytical side. But his true love lies in running a business and that is where he hopes to layout and design his future in.

WooThemes is a provider of high quality WordPress themes. They have a wide selection of products to choose from. You can find big variety of themes from magazine, portfolio, gallery styles to business and personal types.

Theme Functionality

WooThemes: Theme Functionality - 10 out of 10
All the themes under WooThemes have a solid Woo framework which is constantly fine tuned over time to suit the changing needs of its users. It offers a lucrative options page that gives users complete control over the way the theme looks and feels.

The themes from WooThemes have a wide range of standard and additional features. The backend theme options allow you to style your pages in any way you like without using coding. You can change the size of text and picture conveniently with the auto-sizing thumbnails. The special Woo framework allows for easy and quick modification. Custom page templates and a translation features are also available.

WooThemes’ WooFramework Screenshot

WooThemes WordPress Themes are highly functional. They are constantly improving it by adding new features, such as Woo custom navigation and built-in SEO options. Even though their themes are functional, WooThemes do not offer as extensive cross-browser compatibility as some of their competitors, such as ElegantThemes and Obox-design.

Theme Graphics

WooThemes: Theme Graphics - 9 out of 10
Most of the themes have artistic headers. The colors are classic and pleasant to the eye. The contrast in most themes is quite good, even though some have a darker images and a dark background. The fonts of the themes have excellent readability and the pages have professional layout with good placement of elements.

Generally, WooThemes have excellent theme graphics, especially compared to their competitors such as Press75 and WPNow. Furthermore, you can easily change the colors and fonts as you like.

Example Themes developed by WooThemes:

Theme Pricing

WooThemes: Theme Pricing - 8 out of 10
A single WordPress theme from WooThemes costs $70, but you get another 2 themes of your choice for free. That works out to be $23.3 for a single theme. This price is higher than the one charged by ElegantThemes, which offers greater choice and better graphic quality. Moreover, you are forced to purchase 3 themes that you might not need. You can also opt for a developer package, which offers the Photoshop file and three additional theme for $150.

If you are a web developer and would like to take advantage of WordPress platform to create sites for your clients, you may want to sign up for their club membership so that you’ll gain access to all 100+ themes developed by WooThemes. The cost is very affordable at $150 for a standard membership and $200 for a developer membership.

You may also consider paying a recurring fee of up to $20 to continue with the membership if you want to have access to future theme releases.

Theme Support

WooThemes: Theme Support - 10 out of 10
WooThemes offer excellent customer support. They provide full theme documentation, links to all previously resolved problems and tutorials. They offer personal support via their members-only forum. From using Twitter to blog posts and showdowns, they develop a relationship with their users and they listen.

It’s also not too hard to learn enough CSS to change small things to customize the themes, especially with the support forums.

Overall, WooThemes have high quality WordPress themes coming with reliable customer support. They are not cheap, but they are not way too expensive either.

Theme License

All WordPress Themes by WooThemes are licensed under the GNU general public license and may be used by customers on as many websites as they wish. The Photoshop design files come packaged separately and are not GPL licensed. They are licensed and copyrighted under You are not allowed to redistribute these files in any way.

WooThemes Review, 6.9 out of 10 based on 45 ratings

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Theme Functionality
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Theme Support

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