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How to Create and Manage Links in your WordPress blog

This guide is intended for WordPress Version 2.8.5. but may also be applicable to older versions.

In the blogging community, links are very crucial especially in increasing one’s Page Rank.  Also, creating a link section in your WordPress blogs enables you to have an easy access to other sites that are of interest to you. This is definitely a great way to interact with other bloggers in the blogosphere.

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Creating an Image Gallery in your WordPress Blog

This Guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 but may be applicable to the older version.

Some bloggers often get confused between Inserting Image into their post and creating an image gallery. When we say to “insert an image” to a certain Post it obviously meant uploading a certain image in one action. Creating a gallery occurs when you are to upload more than a single file within your post. The gallery is a collection of photos that are visible on your site.

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How to Insert Videos into your Post

This guide is for WordPress 2.8.5 Version and may be applicable to the older/newer versions.

As much as I enjoy reading some blogs with photos in it, so am I with viewing videos in a certain post. For most bloggers I know, they find it more informative since they are not only reading the write-up of an article, but they see the details in action.

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Differentiating Tags and Categories

Distinguishing between Category and Tag can sometimes get confusing for some bloggers especially those who are new to the blogging world. It’s actually a dilemma for some who are just starting out. However, with thorough understanding of WordPress Category and WordPress Tag, you will find that it is not so hard at all to learn when to use “Category” and when to use “Tag.”

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How to Manage WordPress Tags

This Guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 and may be applicable to the older/newer versions.

There is actually quite a difference between “Tags” and “Categories” although they are sometimes mistaken to be the same. Tags are labels that would identify your single post, while categories refer to classification of different posts.

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How to Manage WordPress Categories

This guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 and may be applicable to older or newer versions.

One way of organizing your blog is to classify your posts according to its topic. In this way, it will be much easier for your readers to access post that are relevant to a certain topic. Furthermore, a good categorization of your posts can have great impact for your site’s search engine performance since it would make your site easy to find.

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How to Upload or Insert Images into your WordPress Blog

This guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 but may be applicable to older versions.

Personally, I am very much inclined to read more about a blog if I see photos or images about the blog post. I think having an image along with your posts is quite an advantage.

Fortunately, WordPress have come up with a new innovation in uploading and managing media files such as images, videos and audios.

There are three options to choose from in uploading your Images to your WordPress blog:

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How to Manage WordPress Comments

This guide is for WordPress Vesion 2.8.5 but may be applicable to older versions.

As a blogger, it is remarkably nice to know the immediate feedback of your readers to your every post. In this way, you are giving your readers a chance to converse with you which is a good chance to visit your site again. However, some of the challenges of the web is getting unsettling comments or comment spams.

Comment spams are very common in the blogging world. Spammers usually leave a comment at your site leaving you with various links to increase their site’s ranking.

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What are WordPress Widgets and how to manage them?

This guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 but may be applicable to older versions.

Some people I know thought that using WordPress is complicated that they settle not to use WordPress for their blogs. Well, these people must see the different variety of innovation stored for them.

Since the WordPress community understands the dilemma of most bloggers, they have come up with solutions that benefit all the WordPress users. One example is the use of WordPress widget. These widget collections enable the users to customize their site without having to go through the coding process. All they need to do is drag a certain widget from the widget area and drop it to the sidebar target content. Easy right?

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How to Install a WordPress Theme

This guide is for WordPress Version 2.8.5 but may be applicable to older versions.

One of the major reasons why WordPress is considered as the best blogging platform is because it is user-friendly and has thousands of free and premium themes available online. Of course you don’t want to have a blog that looks crappy caused by a poor theme. Have you found a beautiful free theme but don’t know how to install? Then this is the end of your problem.

WordPress theme installation is easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes by following this simple instruction. The most important things that you need to have of course are your theme and an FTP client.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog

Thousands of people everyday want to create their own blog, but because most WordPress start-up guides online are too complex for some of them to understand, they end up asking on Webmaster forums on how to set-up a WordPress blog. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, most user-friendly, and has all the features every blogger needs. This guide will help everyone to start his/her own blog easy and fast.

Whether it’s a personal or a business blog, there are several important things you need to prepare.

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How to Backup Your WordPress Database Manually

This comprehensive guide is created for people who are not so experienced in using WordPress script. WordPress is the most user-friendly blogging platform but backing-up your files and database is another story and needs extra skills. There are some plugins that can create back-ups automatically but it is highly recommended to do it manually if you want accurate result.

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